Pregnant and Parenting Students

The Office of Institutional Equity ("OIE") manages student requests for pregnancy-related academic accommodations under Title IX. To ensure a pregnant student’s access to educational programs, a school must make adjustments that are reasonable and responsive to the student’s temporary pregnancy status. These adjustments are known as "accommodations." Accommodations often require mutual cooperation between the student and professor to develop and implement. 

KSU is obligated to provide the following accommodations:

  • Absences due to pregnancy. Excused absences due to pregnancy or childbirth for as long as the student's doctor says it is necessary;
  • If medical leave is necessary, the student must be allowed to return to the same academic and extracurricular status the student had before medical leave began, which should include providing the student with an opportunity to make up missed work;
  • Ensure that instructors understand Title IX requirements related to excused absences and medical leave. Instructors may not refuse to allow a student to submit work after a deadline the student missed because of pregnancy or childbirth. If the teacher’s grading is based in part on class participation or attendance and the student missed class because of pregnancy or childbirth, the student should be allowed to make up the participation or attendance credits she did not have the chance to earn; and
  • Provide pregnant students with the same special services it provides to students with temporary medical conditions.

As a general matter, students must be afforded reasonable academic accommodations due to pregnancy, childbirth and related medical conditions, to the extent that such accommodations would not result in a fundamental alteration of the academic program or impose an undue burden on the University. Students should be given an opportunity to make up missed work, to the extent possible, and be provided with flexibility in how the missed work will be made up. 

Students may request reasonable academic accommodations for pregnancy and childbirth, contact OIE at Please note, you will be required to provide documentation from an appropriately licensed medical professional indicating the requested accommodations are medically necessary.

Employees may request reasonable accommodations for pregnancy and childbirth, contact Human Resources at

Lactation/Wellness Rooms 

The Office of the Dean of Students manages student requests for access to lactation/wellness spaces. Students should complete a lactation room request form or visit the Dean of Student's page at to request access. Any questions with requesting access or should access need to be extended, please contact

Human Resources ("HR") manages employee requests for access to lactation/wellness spaces. Employees should submit their requests through KissFlow at Employees should contact their Benefits Specialist or submit a request to with any questions.

KSU has lactation spaces available at the following locations:

Kennesaw Campus
Prillaman Health Science Building (Wellness Room 3000), English Building (Lactation Room 105A) or Academic Learning Center (Lactation Room 1303). 

Marietta Campus
Joe Mack Wilson Student Center, (Room 241).